Contribute to the database

To contribute to the database, please send us:

1) the following information about your innovative course sequence(s):.

Changes made Intended audience New course sequence
A short phrase describing the changes made Which students was this sequence designed for?
  • Course name (Course number)
  • Course name (Course number)
  • Course name (Course number)
Notes:  Note any alternate versions of these courses provided, or any other important features.
Note also any external funding sources that sponsored the changes, and up to one peer-reviewed publication that describes them in more detail.

Lab courses are not considered at this time.

2) A link to the site with your course descriptions, for those who want to learn more.

3) A direct email or signed letter from the chair of your department stating that the information provided is accurate, and that it can be posted publicly on this website and used for comparison and analysis purposes by anyone.

Send the above to  Thanks for pushing the boundaries of chemistry education!