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Fair Use in 5 Minutes (PowerPoint presentation) – A quick overview of how to conduct a four factor fair use assessment that can be given in 5 minutes.  Includes an optional in-class exercise using case studies (see below), and an additional 5 minute module on annotating the bibliography with if the students are claiming fair use, Creative Commons, public domain, etc. for each material cited.  In particular, this is designed to be modular, where alternate content could be subbed in for the last 5 minutes.

Copyright and Fair Use Case Studies – Eight case studies drawn from questions from students and faculty.  Possible uses: 1) Pair up and discuss one question in 5 minutes.  2) Assign small groups a question, have them discuss, the report back to the larger group. 5-15 minutes.

Copyright Infographic – This hand-drawn decision tree helps you decide if you can re-use the item in question or not.  It emphasizes the role of licensed material and when you can or cannot apply a fair use assessment to licensed work.  [See also, a tidier version “Fair Use Flow Chart” by Rosalind Gould, CC BY-SA 3.0, 2013.  Adapted from “Copyright Infographic” by Martha Kelehan.]

Sample Bibliography for a Video Essay Project – Two versions of a bibliography for a video essay project, both with annotations on why the student believes they can re-use a piece of copyrighted material.

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