Open season for swaps!

Here are the groups for the contest tomorrow. O no! Cruel fate! Did you get the wrong group? Read on.


The fine print:

Swaps accepted until 12noon tomorrow 3/30. Stragglers can sign up until tomorrow 3/30, but you won’t have an opportunity to swap groups.

How do we swap? One person from cashless and one person from cardless can swap groups with each other. Three suggestions for finding someone to swap groups with. You can post to the comments below, you can post to the social list, or your can email your friends in the other group.

Once you’ve found your swap partner, both parties need to email me (Ben) independently, and both emails should contain BOTH names and BOTH group assignments. 🙂 If I only get instructions from one of you, I will regard that as a failed trade instruction. My Tufts email starts benjamin.mazzotta@…. Thanks! Happy swapping.

Get ready to put your cash (or cards) in the freezer for a week….


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