So begins the the first Fletcher Card Games!

Luckily, I think we have much better odds of success than our ficticious Hunger Games counterparts. I must admit, I was near elated when I was assigned the cardless group, like winning the convenience, savings and priviledge lottery all in one. So much of my life is already in the electronic marketplace: my weekly organic veggie delivery, my charliecard, my groupon passes, my bank accounts, my Tufts JumboCash, my yoga studio pass etc.

The first order of business? I downloaded LevelUp, an app that would allow me to continue to shop at many of the cash only places I have come to love, and avoid minimum purchase requirements at many others.

The fringe benefit? LevelUp, like Groupon and host of other similar products, I can unlock savings by opting out of cash; hooray! My sharing the link amongst my fellow players has also earned purchase credits (so far totalling $10).

The real challenge for me will be in maintaining my current low level of consumption while going cashless. I often force myself to use cash when I’m trying to save money, but I am pretty nervous that the draw of new Apps and deals and “savings” versus the cash group will incent me to spend more.

Direct savings-to-date:

  • $0.25 using Charlie Card on one T-ride
  • $.92 “cash back” on my dinner bill from Boston Restaurant Week (2% of $46)

Potential Savings:

  • $10 at participating LevelUp restaurant

Potential Losses:

  • $500 million on Lottery ticket I couldn’t purchase 🙁



One Response to And May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

  1. Kim Wilson says:

    The gambling loss. Anthropologists call it regret aversion. I am so sorry.

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