Despite paper cash not being a form of legal tender for me until this competition ends, I find myself accumulating more and more of it. First, it was a couple of bucks from a friend to compensate me for the lemonade I was putting on my credit card. Next, it was payback from friends at dinner for the delivery of an order I was putting on my card.

Either way, I’m now $25 dollars in cash richer than I was before this competition began (only in the form of cash – I realize I’m still paying for those purchases the next time my credit card bill rolls around).

While I’ve reviewed the rules, I’m not sure how I should feel about the legality of this activity. After all, I’m not USING cash – I’m just accepting it to assuage the consciences of people who don’t want to be in my debt (smart move, friends!). It can be argued, however, that, in accepting cash, I am breaking the rules. Which leads me to my next thought. I need to either find an e-solution to this payback issue (which no one will realistically use because it’s not going to be worth the hassle to transfer me $25 bucks) or institute a new barter system.

Yes, the barter system would mean that I have to start carrying my backpack with me everywhere (to accept items in repayment for credit transactions), but that’s not a problem. I already carry it more than I should. The thing I’m looking forward to is the new, enjoyable activity of trying to value my friend’s possessions and haggling over it. “No, Friend A, your unread copy of Getting to Yes is not worth an order of Sweet and Sour pork.” “When you really think about it, Friend B, general wear and tear and depreciation probably makes your iPod worth roughly what you owe me for this pizza.”

Either that, or people will just stop allowing me to buy things with my credit card. That would be bad.


One Response to Cashless but accumulating cash…is this legal?

  1. Kim Wilson says:

    I have never heard of anyone accumulating cash through plastic. Very creative.

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