Day 0 – 10:30pm. To prepare myself go cardless, I needed to go to ATM to withdraw enough cash to survive my coming week. I just thought that I would just get some cash from an ATM at a convenience store nearest my house. Yeah, it is not my Bank of America ATM, but I didn’t care. In the end, I’ve got too much wine from the open bar at social hour…

Yet, the minute I saw the alert on the ATM screen saying, “$2.00 will be charged for your transaction,” I changed my mind and canceled my operation. “Why the hell do I have to pay a fee to get MY money?!” So my preparation is postponed to the next day.

Day 1: An awful start. Despite the fact that it is a nice and sunny Friday, my day was packed with two classes, two meetings, and two document deadlines (where were not yet completed…) So in order to get my work done before my classes at 9:40am, I decided to go to school at 7:30am only to figure out nowhere on campus was open before 8am. Very sad. I just wanted to go to the student center to get cash and breakfast for survival. Damn it. Why is it so hard to get my cash? (and breakfast) So I was angry and hungry.

So after killing sometime at HoF, (great, facilities for grad school students are usually open 24/7) I headed back to the student center and finally get my cash. $200. Should be way more than enough for my stingy graduate student life, but I needed some buffer. I used to a lot of budgeting stuff at work, and budget buffer was always critical!

And I also needed to get something done. Transferred money for my monthly rent payment. And finally I am ready to go cardless!

Coming from Japan, where card transaction is not that popular for small amount transactions, I thought I would be perfectly fine only with cash. But actually not that easy.   I soon remembered that I forgot to register for an African conference at MIT, which only requires card payment. I was going to get my free coffee at Starbucks, but I figured I had to pay because I could not use my Starbucks prepaid card…

Harder than I thought… but overall, now I want to say it is a great start!!


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  1. Kim Wilson says:

    So, you skipped the MIT conference? By the way, previous students have called that awful blend between and hungry “hungry”.

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