To begin with, I had not used my atm card to take out cash in so long that I had forgotten my pin and had to have my bank send me a “reminder”. I don’t even have a bank in Somerville. I usually get cash by paying for other people with my credit card and getting cash from them.  What will I do without my fantastic plastic?

Day one: I forgot to take out cash so I had to write my roommate a check to get cash for the week. I have also tried to get everyone I know to pay me back for things they owe me for.  And I’m currently in the process of exchanging my Colombian pesos with a friend for dollars. I’m suddenly afraid I won’t have enough cash, because I can’t rely on my credit card! Its like a safety blanket! And I can already feel my rewards points slipping away! What will I do???


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  1. Kim Wilson says:

    The rewards points. See what you are missing out on?

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