I lasted precisely 12 minutes as a devoted cardless consumer.

I was assigned into the cashless group, but was willing to make the trade with another smackdown participant because I am pretty big proponent of carrying cash.  I made sure that I paid rent, deposited my roommate’s portion of rent back in my account, paid my credit card bill and took out cash to cover my purchases for the week before 4 pm on Friday.  I was ready.

But alas, things don’t always go as planned.  Saturday was the Future of Food and Nutrition Conference, for which I was on the organizing committee.  We had planned to do our big food shopping trip for conference snacks at 2:30 on Friday, but we were running late.  I hustled through the grocery store with my cart, spoke exceedingly quickly in the hopes that would help speed things along, and no doubt made my fellow committee members want to hit me.  I didn’t get to the check out with my $108 worth of cream cheese, string cheese, juice, jam, et al. until 4:12 when I used my credit card to make the purchase.

It didn’t occur to me until walking back to the Tufts Boston Campus with my rolly cart full of organic cheddar crackers in tow that I actually had enough cash in my wallet to cover that purchase.  I realize that, in my mind, all large purchases are supposed to be made on a credit card.  I think is mostly force of habit, but it is also rare that I would have so much cash in my wallet without a specific purpose in mind.

I have been cash-only since 4:12 on Friday, and plan to remain so until the end of the smackdown.  A couple friends have offered to print at school for me today, since that would require use of Jumbo Cash.  I may take them up on the offer, or I may use this as an excuse to shirk responsibilities.


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  1. Kim Wilson says:

    I hoped you used to shirk responsibilities. Or you could just not pay your friends back. Either way, you have a good excuse.

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