At about 9 PM last night, my brain decided that my 14 hour thesis binge was over. While all good things must come to an end, so too (mercifully) must all bad things.

In a near vegetative state, I joined my wife in the living room to watch something on TV. Nothing was on, with the notable exception of the Kansas-Ohio St game (but that didn’t appeal to both of us and was thus vetoed…sigh).

I don’t think I ever realized how bad Saturday night TV is before – either crime dramas or news investigation shows where they narrate an unsolved mystery or an enigmatic murder case that could happen in a town just like yours. Either way, its just creepy. Isn’t there a better way to spend a Saturday night then to fantasize about how scary and horrible the world outside is? But I digress…

With few options, we decided to rent a movie. Thankfully, I’m cashless because I’m not sure I’d know where to find a video store if my life depended on it (do they still exist?!?!).

Which one of us wanted to run out to Redbox? Neither.

Was there anything on Netflix streaming? No, never. There is never anything on Netflix streaming, unless you want to watch the cinematic equivalent of a fake Rolex or knock off handbag.

How about Amazon Instant Video? Yahtzee!

While I won’t disclose what video we rented for fear of your judgment, I will say it was incredibly easy. My television’s receiver is hooked up the internet through wifi and has an app for Amazon Instant Video. After linking the TV system to my Amazon account, I just had to select the movie (again, really regret that decision) and enter a five digit pin. My account was charged, the movie downloaded, and we were well on our way to being entertained (or so I thought). All in a matter of minutes. No car, no gas, no pants required.

While being cardless might have prevented me for a decision that I now regret, you can’t beat the convenience!

This post brought to you by: Thesis Procrastination (TM). When you don’t know how to write the next section, there’s always something more enjoyable to do.


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