I cheated on my first day. I know that’s bad, but I had a premonition that I would be “cardless” and somehow pre-planning to go to the ATM after 4:00 p.m. made it seem okay. Like I could have gone to the ATM at 3:30, but it would have been really inconvenient, almost impossible, I would have missed pre-arranged group meetings, and been late for an appointment with a doctor to discuss summer research. So with all that inconvenience, and knowing that I would definiltey go, just at a more convenient time, well that makes it okay, right?

After my appointment at MGH, and enjoying a cucumber-lime aperitif with a family friend at Café du Midi overlooking the park, I took the T (okay I cheated again, using my Charlie card, but the entrance at Park Street wouldn’t let me purchase a new paper card! Instead, a sign above the door informed me that a Charlie card is easier, more efficient, and faster.). I got off at Davis to go to the ATM, and officially start my life as a cardless individual.  Unfortunately, the ATMs on Elm were broken (one just didn’t work, and the other apparently had a debit card stuck in it’s reader). So I took the Joey up to the campus center and got my dolla bills there. Now I’m just avoiding gas stations, printing at Ginn, and Amazon.com.


2 Responses to Once a cheater…??

  1. Kim Wilson says:

    Oh my gosh, the excuses for not getting started. Everything a hurdle!

  2. Jenny Heintz says:

    She did write a check at trade joes, pretty embarrassing. I just made people wait as I counted out exact change for my groceries.

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