After paying my rent prior to the 4pm deadline and stashing my cash in a drawer, I was ready for the week.  My initial anxiety about this contest is that I will feel as if I get some sort of “bonus” for using my credit card…yikes.  After filling up my gas tank and being charged with the $73.19 bill, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for landing on the cashless team.

So what is the key to surviving the cashless vs. cardless smackdown?  Roll with a member of the opposite payment method.

Although I am on the arguably easier assignment of going cashless, this tactic has already saved me some considerable grief.  Undergoing the unbearably painful process of splitting a huge group check?  I’ve got my friend Brooke to make it rain dolla dolla bills and get us out the door.  Faced with a $1.25 toll payment on the drive home?  Yo, Brooke, you got this suga-mama.

In return, I will be providing her with a payment-free ride to the grocery store and a credi- card-stipend-swipe of the $20 I owe her from the dinner bill.  Perfect harmony.  An

Is this all too good to be true?  More to come…


One Response to Rolling deep…

  1. Kim Wilson says:

    Not so good to be true. It sounds like you are stuck in some yin yang thing for days. Curious as to how this all ends up.

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