Cardless people get a lot of them!

My wallet seriously weighs like 5 lbs right now. And of course, while paying for coffee today- I decided to unload some of my change and commenced digging through my purse to find 78 cents… the woman behind me audibly sighed as I searched for the last dime. Note to self: figure out some change organization system.

Day 2 of my cardless adventure is going pretty well, considering. I don’t actually have a bank in Boston because of a bad breakup with Bank of America. It was a toxic relationship. I had to walk away… even if it meant not having ATM options around. Which makes this exercise that much more real for me… for the purposes of this week- I am sort of unbanked. Knowing my luck, and kind of hoping I would be forced to be really hardcore by going cardless, I took out about $200 from my bank while visiting family in Kentucky over spring break.

Aside from being painfully aware of the amount of money leaving my wallet, the cash-only hasn’t been too difficult thus far. Save one thing: public transportation. I have a car. And have, in as many days, opted to drive and park twice instead of taking the bus because of the intense anxiety I have about figuring out bus fare without my Charlie Card.

Is that rational? No- especially given Bostonians’ notorious road manners. But if the woman behind me sighs because I am delaying her coffee by 30 seconds at 1pm on a Sunday, I can only imagine what MBTA’s patrons will do while I’m fumbling through my unorganized change purse…


3 Responses to What do dirty looks and pennies have in common?

  1. Betsy says:

    So, I think this sums up nicely what you were talking about re: paying in cash when there’s a line behind you (and, as described in my post, shows how good I am at finding Weird Internet Things):

  2. Alyza says:

    I believe you can add Jumbocash by card online!

  3. Ana says:

    So Its day two of my cashless experience! and seems that life has put me in the place where I need to be 🙂 . I have always hated paying with cards – plastic money? NO way….Since I got here, one of my cultural fights has been against the non-cash use here. Honestly, playing coffees, muffins, high lighters and even a bottle of milk with a credit card, for me, was something that I was not used to while in Europe. We do love paying with cash! So here we go. No cash in my wallet, feels completely empty : ( Weird! even felt weird when paying a 3 dollar coffee today with that. The first effect of this…I do NEED to put some money in my Jumbo card…i have always had enough to do my laundry, copies (in case) and no more…now…I cant pay with credit card in the Student Center! … so I just hope not losing my “plastic resource of money” during this week. !!

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