From the daily archives: Monday, April 2, 2012

My Dirty Cash

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When I started this challenge I was scared. Not of the challenge itself—I thought that would be quite easy. But how would I ever find something interesting to write about?

You see, I abhor cash. So a so-called “challenge” that stipulates against using cash seemed—well, like stealing candy from a baby. While some might find […]


Pleased with being serendipitously placed in the cashless group, I haughtily didn’t even think about the 4pm start time on Friday. Didn’t watch the clock, didn’t care. I knew I didn’t need cash in my life with my trusty debit, credit, and Charlie cards at hand. That is, until it was two hours later […]


Hello, cardless friends. I am happy that I did my bi-weekly trip to the grocery store and filled up my gas tank last week, because I have $10 in cash to make it to the end of this cardless week! It turns out that my account with Bank of America (like Ms. Mahoney, I too have […]


I have used a card. I really, truly, sincerely did not mean to use a card, but it was unavoidable. **sniff** Honest. **sniff** Summer internship funding forms were due! Study guides needed to get printed! It won’t happen again.


**Oh the humanity!**

But – to […]