Pleased with being serendipitously placed in the cashless group, I haughtily didn’t even think about the 4pm start time on Friday. Didn’t watch the clock, didn’t care. I knew I didn’t need cash in my life with my trusty debit, credit, and Charlie cards at hand. That is, until it was two hours later on Friday night and I needed to finish making dinner before meeting a friend for a movie. I realized I was without two key ingredients to a dish I already started making, and I panicked. Dave’s Fresh Pasta was the closest store with fresh produce in sight, so I ran down the street, only to realize that what I needed would be less than the typical $5 minimum debit/credit card charge. Luckily, that Dave is a smart one and has a way around this: for an extra 25 cents, you can use your card to buy that one lime you need for 0.50. Thank you, Dave’s, for always keeping us cashless folk in mind.

Other than my 25 cent slip-up, everything else has been smooth sailing … except when approached by a homeless man on the T asking for money for food on Sunday. I actually didn’t have cash on me to give him if I wanted to, but what was my alternative? Explain that I had no cash, and take him with me when I got off the T to directly purchase some food with my card? Maybe that’s a better response anyway – he gets food right away, you see where your money goes. But that leaves options for other forms of charity (e.g. Salvation Army bell-ringers during the holidays, cash collections at churches/synagogues/mosques, bake sales, raffle tickets, etc) without many good alternatives.



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