Hello, cardless friends. I am happy that I did my bi-weekly trip to the grocery store and filled up my gas tank last week, because I have $10 in cash to make it to the end of this cardless week!┬áIt turns out that my account with Bank of America (like Ms. Mahoney, I too have been hoping to break this relationship, but haven’t yet, because so many of my accounts are linked with my bank account) does not allow me to go into the bank and take out funds without a sizable additional fee. My account is an ATM-based account (low overhead), and I am supposed to rely on my ATM card, which is a card, and thus I am not allowed to use it!

The weekend was much easier than I might have anticipated…I used cash to pay for my brunch on Sunday when all of my fellow diners used cards, and it was a bit of a pain, but nothing out of the ordinary for a big group meal!


One Response to When was the last time you went to a bank to take out money?

  1. Nathan says:

    I’m happy to spot you if you need a safety net! Lucky for me, Winter Hill Bank doesn’t require me to forgo human interaction in my transactions.

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