I have to admit guys, being cashless has been close to a walk in the park . I don’t mean to brag, but it has. So I wondered… “well, nothing is this easy… what’s the catch?”…At that moment I turned and looked at my bill-free wallet and asked to myself: “well, if I don’t have any bills in there, I don’t drive in the US, certainly I’m not a frequent flyer and I only have one I.D., then why in the world does it look like a poorly served hamburger at some sketchy fast-food joint!?” I took a closer look and I was terrified. Countless receipts (do I ever look at those? Are they really useful to keep track of my expenses?), at least 5 different types of cards… The Charlie card, the Jumbo Card, the ATM card, the credit card, the other credit card company credit card…but the most terrifying item of all was… the plastic cover in which I keep my plastic ATM and credit card!! as if they were some kind of precious goods in need of extra special care! this was total chaos.

I pulled myself together and after a few relaxing minutes I was able to reflect on my revealing trip to the depths of my wallet, I thought: “is the total chaos an argument for the card-less bunch to reclaim the eternal use of cash or, is it one for the cashless people of the earth to push for the unification of all cards?” One can’t help to wonder once again…


2 Responses to What’s in your wallet?

  1. Oh man! I am guilty of keeping receipts in my wallet for weeks as well as carrying no money in there whatsoever! Soon enough, I start to realize that I have receipts from 2 months ago!


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