All Yesterday I just wanted to use my credit card. It started with the T. It was just one old lady and me waiting for the only machine that takes cash for Charlie Tickets. She was taking her time, let’s just say. I said to myself, “If a train comes before she finishes buying her ticket, I don’t care! I’m using my CharlieCard!” But she finished, and I had time to buy a ticket, WITH CASH.

Then I went to CVS. Well the CVS in Harvard Square no longer puts a real person behind the counter. They make you use the self-check-out machines. Every bone in my body just wanted to swipe my card and be done. I resisted. I counted out change and used cash — slowly and awkwardly.

I used cash at Starbucks (twice), and my Charlie Ticket to get home. UGH.

Then I went to Market Basket. After navigating the crazy aisles, not finding everything I wanted, and dealing with some unruly kids, I was tired and hungry. My will power was worn down. I got to the check-out and Temptation took over! I couldn’t resist! “No More Cash! No More Cash!” Screamed a tiny (loud) voice in my head. I had to do it! I’m sorry cardless comrades. I lasted 4 days! I cheated!


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