I am mostly a cashless person. I always carry around some cash – for emergencies or the odd time I need it. Usually this is when I forget to fill my Jumbo card and I am in the middle of paying for lunch in Mugar, or at a random coffee shop which is cash only. I also carry cash for the times I pull myself away from school work and go out on the town and don’t want to start a tab (the one time I actually prefer cash), or more importantly if I need to grab a cab home. However, these are all thing I can plan for and avoid during my cashless week – no going out last Sat night (hung out and made dinner with friends instead), went to Sbux and used my handy-dandy sbux app to pay for my coffee on my phone, made sure to keep my jumbo card filled, I even can pay rent online! And, even more exciting – sbux had an online deal that spend $5 get $10 ecard, and since I was cashless I could take advantage!

So the week is going well, my planning has paid off and then I hit Thursday night…..and realized two things. First, I am flying home for the passover holiday on Friday and second, I need to do laundry – which is quarters only, so I have clothes to take home. So, one might think that I just bring a suitcase home of my clothes and do laundry at my parents…and normally that is probably something I would do – if not for the fact that the passover Seder (traditional meal/ritual observance) starts Friday night and my mother is hosting. I have already been informed that I have a list of chores, errands, etc to help with. If I had brought my dirty laundry home – things would have gotten ugly. So, I can either cheat and do my laundry with quarters or pack everything into a suitcase and walk a couple of blocks to my friends who has laundry in her apt. I decide to cheat and go searching for quarters….but as I said earlier I am a mostly cashless person, and there are no quarters to be found! To be honest,  this is not a rare occurrence – getting quarters is extremely annoying, the bank is never open late enough or on Sundays. So I am usually stuck running to cvs to by a pack of M&Ms so I can then use my debit card to get cash back and then ask for as many quarters as they can give me…they give me looks and I sheepishly say “laundry day”. So, since I was going to have to run out to get quarters anyways, I might as well head over to my friends to do laundry (and eat her food – she made a yummy dinner) – cheating averted. Phew!

So, as I mentioned above – there were two things I realized – besides laundry I have an very early flight Friday morning – need to head to Logan before the T opens, which means cab, which means cash (in all likelihood). Unlike NYC were cabs have the credit card machines (and now a few in DC as well) I have yet to be in a Boston cab that does….so I guess I am going to cheat….I almost made it…sigh.


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