… has nothing to do with cash, really.

You know how once in a while, you see one of those old cars driving in traffic, the ones that look like a Model T. My first day cardless, I saw one on Mass Ave, just put-putting down the road in the middle of all the normal, modern cars. This past week using only cash & checks, I have felt like that – a relic of an obsolete paper economy in a world of instant electronic payments. A financial Model T.

Alas, I must confess that T must also stand for Transgression. Also that first Friday, I found myself needing to ride the T. I use the term “need” rather loosely here, though I had rather dug myself into a hole. (Lesson 1: do not assume a date will be so impressed by your dedication to this contest that she’ll happily front you the fare. Only one of us suffered the proverbial consequences of assumptions, I’ll leave you to guess which.) My options seemed to be either have someone else pay, cheat in the contest, or jump the gate / break the law. Somehow I did not think that using a paper CharlieTicket would count, and I didn’t even think of a week pass. In any case, the T on Friday night was my transgression. Maybe the second lesson is about knowing your financial options.

And now I’m out of T’s. Maybe I can say that I’m looking forward to buying some music on iTunes this weekend.

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