Thanks for joining our payments smackdown!

Here are some quick guidelines for blogging your experiences.

Register | Try the login link at the bottom of this page. You should be able to write blog entries as an author. All Tufts affiliates can use Spark/Wordpress. You can then post your own stuff here. Otherwise you have to send me entries, which I upload for you, and something will get lost in the translation (links, pictures, clever puns … I know I’ll get something wrong).

Cross-post | You’re welcome to cross-post on a personal blog, Huffington Post, anywhere you want.

Keep it clean | This is open to the Web, so remember you’re in public. If you wouldn’t say it in the Tufts Daily, maybe you shouldn’t say it here.

Pix | Pictures are welcome! Capture the moment on your smartphone and use it in your blog post. (Permissions fixed today 3/31, if you tried & were blocked.)

Comment | If you like what your friends are writing, use the comments box at the bottom! Someone is going to win the dinner with Kim, and you just might be able to influence the judges with the comments box. (Sock puppets* beware….)

Hashtag | #cashlessvscardless #mobilevsplastic

Thanks! – Ben

* Google bombing, astroturfing, blogola, jacking, and sock puppetry are all modern forms of the ancient and dishonorable practice of shilling for false profit.


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