The rules are simple: for one week, either give up swiping your credit/debit cards or using phones and computers to make payments. We want to see how close the plastic card is to obsolete. Can you swap your wallet for a smartphone yet? Is it easier to swipe your plastic or punch your credit card number into a phone app?

Rules | Students agree to give up one set of payments for a week and blog their experiences. Team Mobile vows not to swipe or tap any cards for payment for one week. That includes debit and credit cards, JumboCash, CharlieCards, bar-code loyalty cards, … any wallet-sized plastic rectangles. Team Plastic vows only to use the plastic card itself to make payments. No online ordering, no mobile phone apps, no cloud-based accounting. Only plastic cards, swiped at the register. Both groups get to use cash and checks, but only Team Plastic gets ATM withdrawals.

Blogs | Students will submit at least one blog entry during the contest. (guidelines)

Crowdmap | Students can also enter a contest by posting payments to this crowdmap. You’re on your honor to post only real transactions. Post via Android, iPhone, Twitter or Web. Be sure to enter your name and location, along with how you paid, or we won’t know the report is from you. (Pseudonyms are fine, but use one consistent handle and validate your identity with Ben.)

Deadline | Register by April 15, 2013.

Dates | April 19–April 25, 2013.

Lottery Prize | All students that complete the week will be entered into a drawing for a $100 prepaid card courtesy of MPayMe. (Think: Trader Joe’s supplies for the end-of-semester party!)

Blog Prize | Best blog entry wins a home-cooked dinner for the winner and three friends with Kim Wilson and John Hammock.

Crowdmap Prize | The person that contributes the most entries to the payments crowdmap will win a $100 prepaid card courtesy of MPayMe. You are on your honor to post only legitimate transactions. Anonymous posts will not be counted.


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