Climate Policy and Planning Coalition


This coalition serves to unite members of the Tufts community on issues related to the climate. Founded by graduate students at UEP, the goal of the CPPC is to coordinate events and resources for the entire Tufts community.

Check the links at the right for upcoming events, CPPC blog posts, climate resources, and more!

Our activities can be grouped into the following areas:

Knowledge-sharing: We host events featuring student and faculty members’ work and research interests, share articles and events through our Google Group, maintain a calendar, update a blog, and more!

Organizing: We hope to compile a list of climate research on campus, create a climate guide to the American Planning Association, and compile a climate change course guide

Networking: CPPC members attend events on and off-campus related to our research interests.

Fun: The CPPC is intended to be a social group and facilitate interaction among students with similar interests. We’ll host happy hours, movie nights, and play the Stabilization Wedge Game!