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About Us

Who we are:

CTSE is a consortium of biomedical and public health researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health to engage in active collaboration with high school teachers and school districts to develop curricula focused on current issues in biomedical and health science.  Our central goal is to enhance science education in the 21st century by bringing benchtop and bedside science to the classroom.

What we have done:

  • Developed and implemented a novel modular curriculum “The Great Diseases” focused on 4 globally significant problems – Infectious Disease, Neurological Disorders, Metabolic Disease, and Cancer and targeted to 10th – 12th grade high school students.  The curriculum is inquiry based and fully differentiated, utilizing diverse pedagogical approaches to engage a variety of learning styles.
  • Developed and implemented a novel professional development program called ‘Modeling for Fidelity’ that provides teachers with personalized mentoring to support implementation  of the curriculum in their classrooms.
  • Formally evaluated both programs, revealing robust and reproducible gains in student engagement in learning, content knowledge acquisition and problem solving abilities. The results are published in ‘The Great Diseases Project: A Partnership Between Tufts Medical School and the Boston Public Schools’.


What we want to do now:

  • Expand our program to encompass interactive online learning for in-service teachers and their students, enhancing dissemination without geographic constraints.
  • Expand our program to encompass instruction for pre-service teachers, to provide biomedical science knowledge they can use to engage their future students.
  • Our ultimate goal:
    • Educate a cohort of young, highly trained, biomedical scientists who can work with, and in, school districts in order to support the use of current biomedical and health science curricula that will build student engagement and develop a scientifically literate citizenry able to use 21st century advances in biomedical and health science to manage their own, and their families’ health.


Read More: How We Began | Great Diseases Project | Current Impact | Where We’re Headed


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