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Tufts Medicine, winter 2018: Teaching the Great Diseases

A Bingham Trust grant will boost the Tufts-designed STEM curriculum


TedXBeaconStreet:  Teaching the Great Diseases in high school

“When are we going to use this stuff in real life?” That’s the common refrain from students memorizing math and science from textbooks and worksheets. But this physician realized that, when it comes to science, there’s one application that couldn’t be more relevant: our own bodies. Using health as the basis for a science curriculum has proven to be captivating for even the most jaded classrooms.


USA Science & Engineering Festival, April 2016: Exhibit: How the brain senses our environment and creates illusions

At our exhibit, we led sensation and perception station demonstrations to let participants experience firsthand how the brain not only senses our environment but also how these sensations can be changed to create sensory illusions.

Massachusetts STEM Summit, November 2015: Exhibit: The Great Diseases Biosciences Curriculum and BIOSCANN (Biosciences Career Network and Navigator)

We coupled authentic scientific research with a rich mosaic of pedagogies to build engaging curricula to foster students’ science and health literacy.

ALA Annual Conference, June 2015: Talk: Great Diseases to Great Partnership: Promoting Information Literacy Skills in an Open Access Science Curriculum

Author: Kathryn Houk, Health & Life Sciences Librarian, San Diego State University
Author: Stephanie Tammen, Project Leader, Metabolic Disease, Center for Translational Science Education, Tufts University School of Medicine

The Virtual High School, June 2015: The Center for Translational Science Education & The Virtual High School Collaborate to Bring Great Diseases Curriculum Online for the First Time

About 230 teachers and more than 10,000 students have benefited from free CTSE courses, but some schools don’t have the setting or resources to accommodate an elective biology course. The new online offering from VHS provides students with direct access to this material.

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB): Featured Programs: The Center for Translational Science Education (CTSE)

The CTSE is increasingly focused on how to connect scientists and teachers and how to spread biomedical learning to high schools across the country.

ASBMB Science Outreach Blog, May 2015: The Center for Translational Science Education – Outreach through the Prism of Research

The material from this program is not usually taught at a high school level, and most teachers are “really hungry to have that interaction with a scientist and to learn more about the science world.”

AAAS International Teacher-Scientist Partnership Conference, February 2015: 2015 program

‘The Great Diseases: Connecting Science Practice to STEM Career Awareness’ [Download slides]

Stephanie Tammen & Berri Jacque – Tufts University

Lesley University, November 2014: Lesley University and Tufts School of Medicine Collaborate on Teaching the Great Diseases

Two institutions join forces to teach a life-relevant science course to teachers and students.

MIT Education Group Seminar Archive, May 2014: Seminar: The Great Diseases Partnership: bringing cutting-edge biomedical science to the high school biology classroom

View the slides [pdf] from Professor Meiri and Professor Jacque’s Seminar

[Seminar audio also available]

Tufts Now, fall 2013: The High School Brain on Science

Since 2007, medical faculty have been working with Boston teachers to get kids excited about studying health and disease

RISE event, October 2013: Networking Summit

We are pleased to confirm a half-day networking summit focused on mapping your career path toward either a science faculty position at a primarily undergraduate institution or a science education faculty position.

Tufts Medicine, summer 2013: Great Science

Boston teachers and Tufts researchers collaborate to engage high school students in learning about disease

AM Rounds, spring 2013: Behind the Scenes of the Great Diseases Project

a series on “The Great Diseases Project: A Partnership Between Tufts Medical School and the Boston Public Schools,” in which AM Rounds asked a few of the projects’ participants to share their thoughts and impressions on the collaboration.


Curriculum Matters, April 2013: Infectious-Diseases Program Engages Students in Science (Gina Cairney)

Newswise et al., March 2013: Scientists and Public School Teachers Team Up to Transform Science Education (Siobhan Gallagher)