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Great Diseases

The goal of the Great Diseases project is to engage high school students with the science behind their real world experiences. To do this, Tufts scientists and Boston Public School (BPS) teachers are collaborating to bring together the content knowledge and pedagogical skill needed to design a curriculum based on ‘the great diseases’. Each of the four modules consists of a 6-week course addressing topics related to a specific disease.


The goal of this project is to design a technology-rich high school curriculum that integrates bioscience career awareness and competency building to foster student interest and persistence in bioscience careers. To do this, Tufts scientists and Boston area teachers are co-designing interactive and collaborative web-based simulations that engage students in career-focused problem based learning (PBL) scenarios.

Modeling For Fidelity

The ‘Modeling for Fidelity: Infectious disease in the classroom’ project will develop a distance learning and support platform to bring our curriculum to teachers and classrooms across the nation. The ultimate goal is to use this intensive teacher support program to enable teachers to educate a health literate citizenry able to make lifestyle choices that limit the impact of infection.

Assessing the Prevalence of Antibiotic-Resistance in the Environment (PARE)

The goal of the PARE project is to provide a pathway for instructors to implement research into their classrooms. Students collect soil samples and use classic microbiological laboratory techniques to determine the relative number of bacteria resistant to antibiotics. The entire project can be completed in a couple of class periods at low cost. Many instructors choose to expand the project in subsequent years by adding on follow-up experiments, data analysis or student presentations. Implementation materials and the research plan are designed to be accessible to instructors from a variety of institution types serving a broad demographic of students. Partnerships are formed between college undergraduate classrooms and high school biology classes to bridge social and professional connections for both students and faculty.