July 12 update: More zucchini and some pickle cucumbers!

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I picked a zucchini, one small cucumber, and some more beans, as well as some basil. The pickle cucumber plants have several small ones that will be ready to get soon. The basil plants are really full and have a lot of big leaves, so if you need any at all, go for it! There is one tomato plant that has a couple of large fruits that are still very green, but those might be ready to get soon (one of them fell off when I lifted it to take a closer look). I’m not sure how fast tomatoes mature from green to red…

I’m going to do some weeding today or tomorrow, as well.



NOTE: Donna spent two hours at the garden on Sunday and reported no animals in sight.  She cuts seeds off of cilantro – hopefully they will produce more cilantro and picked two zucchinis.  There are lots of blooms.  The hot sun this week will probably produce more zucchini to pick mid to late week. She pulled all the grass weeds around all of the tomato plants.  There is some basil to pick in the center of the garden. She didn’t pick up the animal deterrent – fox urine pellets, but will get it this week.   Not sure if we will see any broccoli because of the chewing.  Kale didn’t look too bad yesterday.

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