Woodchuck Experiment

I’m trying an experiment. Mr Woodchuck has moved on to munching squash leaves and Swiss chard, and has mowed down Salvador’s cucumbers. But, so far he (that’s a gender neutral ‘he’) hasn’t touched anything surrounded by plastic. Maybe it’s nothing, or maybe it’s the surface or noise it makes? I’ve put down pieces of black plastic near two of the squash plants he has begun to eat. I also tried covering some of the squash plants with a lawn sheet. It hides some of the plants and blows around. Maybe it will make a difference??? There are plastic pegs anchoring the sheet, please don’t lose them if you pull the sheet back for picking. I’ve also tied bags to the stakes around Salvador’s cucumbers. I hope the movement will startle the woodchuck.

Donna – there weren’t any stakes attached to the construction roll you brought. But I’m sure we can use the stuff for something next year.

One of the sprinklers isn’t working well. I’ll look for a replacement.

I trimmed the crab grass next to the black plastic and found some hidden pepper plants!

We have eggplants coming. One will be ready to be picked soon. They are in the Japanese style, long and skinny.


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