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6/24 Garden Update

Things are looking pretty good. We can start harvesting green beans this weekend. They were a little small this morning, but should be a good size either Saturday or Sunday. In my yard, I have to check the beans every 2 or 3 days. So, if you harvest green beans, please let everyone know – the more we pick, the more they will produce. I also decided to spread another one of the hay bales. I’ll probably spread another one or two of them next week. Liz Byrnes told me that she has seen a woodchuck family right across the way. She will let me know if she sees them in the garden. We may need to put up some fencing.

Enjoy the last June weekend.

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June 16th & 17th

Donna did a beautiful job weeding in the herb section and beyond on Thursday. Sam did some weeding on Friday. Delaney tackled the heavy weed section a few days ago (brave!), so some of that is looking better also.

Donna and Betsy planted a bunch of things donated by John… rosemary, tarragon, lemongrass, sage, parsley, marigolds, zinnias, tomatoes, and nasturtium. The herb section is looking pretty good and has some nice variety now. Betsy cut larger openings in the plastic around the tomatoes and peppers –  the plastic may not be working well in regards to watering, so more may need to be removed. There are still some blank areas. Salvador is going to do some planting, others are welcome to add things as well. We could use more hay or grass clipping, the hay bales Jim brought us are anchoring the plastic.

Cilantro and kale can be picked.

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June 15th

Delaney added some tomato and cucumber seedlings, as well as a row of basil near the cilantro. She also spent a few hours thoroughly weeding several of the rows of broccoli and cauliflower, though a lot of work still needs to be done.

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June 14th

Betsy did about an hour of weeding this morning. She was working hard on the broccoli patch and then noticed how much time was spent. So, she changed tactics and began spot weeding, clearing weeds away from plants, ignoring the big areas between the rows. She didn’t have time to finish all of the plants. She turned off the water for now.

John is bringing us some tomatoes this week. If there are too many, we can let the campus know there are free plants.

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June 10th

Sam Palermo spent 45 minutes weeding between the spinach and broccoli plots. She specifically concentrated on weeding around the seedlings so the weeds wouldn’t invade their area. She got a significant amount done, but says there’s still more to do, particularly in that area.

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June 8th

Donna Roberts spent about 40 minutes in the garden  before the rain came.  She clipped back all the bolting cilantro and kale.  The weeds didn’t look too bad yet, but she is sure they will be soon after the rain we have been getting.

Allison Coates and Alison Smith spent a couple hours weeding also. They did all the plants covered by the black plastic, and hit a good chunk of the weeds close to the individual plot as well. They didn’t weed close to the spinach at all so between the broccoli and spinach there was still plenty of work to do there when we left yesterday around 3:30.

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Memorial Day weekend plantings

Jill Franko and Kristen Thane spent the (sweltering!) Memorial Day weekend getting their corner a bit more shipshape and planting a bunch of stuff!

In the rest of the garden, most of the original tomatoes and peppers died. We didn’t prepare them to be moved outdoors (they weren’t hardened off) and the shock killed them. So, new tomato and pepper seedlings were planted, in addition to celery, broccoli, basil, zucchini, cucumber, swiss chard seeds (continued the row) and spinach seeds (parallel row to the first one).

Kristen noted that in the pepper section and the other sections closest to the wall, the weeds are just starting to peek up – nothing too much to pull quite yet (too short) but by the next weekend there’ll probably be ample weeding opportunities! They also noticed in the tomato section that there are a few spots with pretty significant water pooling on the plastic… potentially creating breeding grounds for mosquitos. Once it gets consistently hotter, it might become less of an issue if the water evaporates quickly, but if the areas of pooling continue, we may need to cut small drainage holes in the center of the worst water pooling areas to minimize the amount of standing water.

There are 2nd sprinklers. They are set to run for an hour each morning at 7am.

Betsy did a cursory weeding and trimmed the flowers off the kale and cilantro. Feel free to harvest kale or cilantro, particularly the cilantro!

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Students and staff working on the Cummings Community Garden on May 14, preparing the soil for new plantings.

garden prep 2016

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Our new garden site

Garden March 2016

This is what our new garden site looks like. It will be 50’x50′. Jim Phillips will be rototilling the garden in April, adding some cow manure and compost. He is borrowing a rototiller from the Grafton Town Farm.

posted March 30, 2016

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Seedlings are sprouting

Delaney Honeyford V’19 and Emily Andersen V’17 organized a seed planing party in the Library on Feb. 17th. The seedlings are soaking up sunlight.

seedlings table

It’s hard to see here, but some of the tomatoes are sprouting.

seedlings 2016

posted Feb. 26, 2016

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