Hello August. Where did you come from?

Yesterday I looked at the calendar and realized it already August.  The eighth month of the year. Really?  How did that happen so soon?  I can just remember ringing in the New Year and now we are already more than half way through the year.  Time really does fly.  So, in an ode to the benefits of time management here are the goals I would like to accomplish for this week:

August 3-9

Major projects:
– JYA Chapter
– EP 50th Film
– SRCD Application

New project:
Women’s Media Literacy Wkshp

Weekly Goals:

- Draft SRCD integrative statement
– Send draft to JYA coauthors
– Cut clips from Feldman, Gidney, Scarlett Interviews & send to Julie

There is so much more I would like to accomplish, but I’ll start with these and see what happens.


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