Wednesday 3.11.15

Mid-level productivity I would say..

Finished summarizing humility codes for dyads 1-27 of the AIMS pilot.  A tedious task that took longer than I had anticipated.  Even spent some portions of the weekend copying codes.  Doing this worked helped me to understand the coding outcomes a little better though.

2 hour meeting with the Buddy Project team…a follow-up from our usual Monday meeting.  We discussed the current status of school recruitment and the timeline for the BP pilot.  We decided video/audio collection at this phase would be minimal, most just to understand UI issues with the IGN and test run for the full implementation.  I will need to find new cameras to purchase for the study.

Spent the last hour of the day outlining my schedule for the upcoming SRCD conference in Philly.  There are more media related submissions than I had originally thought. Excited to try to meet a few bigger names in the field like Deb Linebarger and Daniel Anderson.

Monday 3.2.15

Started the day with a meeting to review submissions for the first Video Remix project for Children and Mass Media (CD167).  The final products were an interesting collection of video projects but none really embodied a true remix in my opinion.  Sarah, Julie, and I agreed we should record our comments from the meetings and prepare a paper for the Chronicles of Higher Education.

Then I returned to the lab. No regular group meeting today for the Buddy Project as many team members were out of the office for various reasons.  I began working to compile transcription quotes highlighted by coder 1 and coder 2 in the final coding tallies.  A tedious job but it’s interesting to see how each coder approached the task.

Watching the remix videos really inspired me to do more editing work of my own.  Considering the end destination I would like to arrive at following the completion of this program,  I thought it would be very nice to work in production, possible run a studio.  With all the talk about Boston becoming ‘Hollywood East’ I don’t think it is that much of a stretch.

To do this week:

  • Finish compiling coding quotes for dyads 1-27
  • Provide feedback for OST chapter
  • Revise JME sections for Character coding paper
  • Submit statement of goals for Prelim review


And now for something completely different.

I never thought I would find myself reading about religion and being completely inthralled.  Yet, here I am sitting at my desk, a cluttered mess of sticky notes and highlighted journal articles, reading about an evolutionary-epistemological account of intellectual arrogance and intellectual humility.  What began as a means to an end has become an eye-opening and jaw dropping inquiry into the ways of world in which I live.

This also comes at an interesting intersection of life events, shifting priorities and encounters with new people.  I came here to study child development.  How did I end up engulfed in a discussion about the cataphatic and apophatic strands of religion and spirituality?

Hello August. Where did you come from?

Yesterday I looked at the calendar and realized it already August.  The eighth month of the year. Really?  How did that happen so soon?  I can just remember ringing in the New Year and now we are already more than half way through the year.  Time really does fly.  So, in an ode to the benefits of time management here are the goals I would like to accomplish for this week:

August 3-9

Major projects:
– JYA Chapter
– EP 50th Film
– SRCD Application

New project:
Women’s Media Literacy Wkshp

Weekly Goals:

- Draft SRCD integrative statement
– Send draft to JYA coauthors
– Cut clips from Feldman, Gidney, Scarlett Interviews & send to Julie

There is so much more I would like to accomplish, but I’ll start with these and see what happens.