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photo from tufts archives

Picspam from the Digital Library
Posted on June 8, 2012 by Deborah Kaplan | Categories: features | | |

Nothing exciting today; I just felt like picspamming from the Tufts Digital Library.

Grinning young girl hold a marker
Smiling Girl

A man and a woman laughing while sitting against the side of a building
Two Fletcher students laughing, 1975

A man and a woman doubled over laughing
A man and a woman laughing at Convocation, 1989

A woodcut illustration of an open door inscribed with a cursive T
Open door, 1869, from Tom Brown’s School Days

The back of a man's head
Paul Richards as Joseph Garcin, Erica Goldstein as Estell Rigault, and Maya Grodman as Inez Serrano in ‘No Exit,’ 2009