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Susanne Belovari, Archivist for Reference and Collections

Susanne Belovari

Voice: 617.627.3631
Fax: 617.627.4650
Email: susanne.belovari @ tufts.edu

What I Do

Susanne is the Archivist for Reference and Collections at the Digital Collections and Archives. Susanne is responsible for all research questions and makes sure that all collections are arranged, described, made available, and housed appropriately.


  • M. S., Graduate School of Library and Information ScienceUniversity of Illinois, Urbana
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate: History of Science/Polymers: History of Polymers and Synthetic Rubber, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Ph.D., Comparative Sociology / History’Invisible in the White Field: The Chicago Field Museum’s Construction of Native Americans 1893-1996, and Native American Critiques of and Alternatives to Such Representations’ (© 1997)University of Illinois, Urbana
  • M. A., Sociology, Emphasis on Latin America and International Development,Field of Concentration: Gender and International Development, University of Illinois,
  • B.A., Sociology, Emphasis: Latin America, University of Illinois, Urbana


  • forthcoming: Belovari, Shared Culinary History, Food Policies and Resistance, Food and the Concept of Race: preliminary findings for Vienna, Austria, before and during the National Socialist regime and the Warsaw Ghetto (©2010), Journal of the Polish Archival Society
  • Belovari, Professional minutia and their consequences: provenance, context, original identification, and anthropology at the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois, Archival Sciences 2013
  • Donor Conversations re Hybrid Collections, i.e. physical and electronic materials – a document for donors and archivists, Practical E-Records Blog, Chris Prom, http://e-records.chrisprom.com/donor-conversations-regarding-hybrid-collections/, 2012
  • Belovari, Digital Preservation – the PLANETS Way: can it work for smaller archives?, Midwest Archives Conference Newsletter, fall 2010
  • Action Editor/Designer of new ICA-SUV Newsletter, fall 2009
  • Belovari (peer reviewed article), Archives under Siege: A Concept and A Case in Point, SAA Research Forum Proceedings 2008, http://www.archivists.org/publications/proceedings/researchforum/2008.asp, 2008
  • Belovari, The Life and Work of Edward R. Murrow: an archives exhibit, http://dca.lib.tufts.edu/features/murrow/exhibit/index.html, December 2008
  • Belovari, Archival Insight: An Archival Information Tour: 1816 – 1905 – 2007, feature article, NEA Newsletter (New England Archivists), vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 4-8, October 2008
  • [misspelt as Bellovari], Five Archival Issues and their International Implications, Encontro de Arquivos Cientifícos, 2007, vol. 3 (Anais: III Encontro de Arquivos Cientifícos, Proceedings, Third Meeting of Scientific Brazilian Archives), (Museu de Astronomica de Ciências Afins, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2007
  • Belovari (ed.) et al, University/Research Archives Across Nations: Austria, Latvia, Lebanon, and Brazil, Proceeding ICA-SUV Annual Conference: Archives Records and the User (Dundee, Scotland, August 13-17, 2007), online publication. http://www.dundee.ac.uk/archives/SUV2007/conference_papers.htm, 2007
  • Belovari, Collection Management Software Choices (review), NEA Newsletter, vol. 34, no. 3, July 2007
  • Belovari, Continuity and Change: Record Creators and Record Values,Proceedings ICA-SUV, Annual Seminar of the Section on University and Research Institution Archive: Shared Concerns and Responsibility for University Records and Archives, Reykjavik, Iceland), online publication (video stream and paper)http://www.library.uiuc.edu/ica-suv/pages/frameset.html, 2006
  • Belovari, Construction of the IKG Archives Framework and its Instructional Manual (an archives work report, June 2002 – June 2004)
  • Peter Boehmer (editor), Susanne Belovari, Lothar Hoelbling, Peter Melichar, Ingo Zechner, Internal Report: Assets of the Jewish Community of Vienna and of Jewish Organizations 1938 to 1973 (3 editions in 2003, in German)
  • Belovari and Lothar Hoelbling, Statement re Restitution Case ‘Weihburggasse 30 for GSF panel, March 2003, as well as Belovari, Rechtsnachfolge Fall Weihburggasse 30 Dokumentation, 2003
  • Coauthor, press conference folder, The Existence of Jewish Communities in Austria Is In Danger, 2003
  • Belovari and Lothar Hoelbling, Zur Geschichte der Synagoge Hubergasse 8: Beraubung – Zerstoerung – ‚Arisierung’ – Restitution, photo-story for Press Release, IKG Vienna, 2003
  • Belovari, CD-ROM, First Art and Culture Restitution Law: compilation of personal and file data extracted from documents discovered by author, English and German, 2002
  • Translation together with Eva Farnberger, The House of Orange, A European Dynasty (by Wolfgang Johannes Bandion) as part of 500 Years: House of Orange Portraits of a Dynasty: online exhibition catalogue, Austrian National Library, 2002
  • Editor, Zeitung für Frieden und Entwicklung by Office for Peace and Development, Graz, 2000
  • Belovari, Einleitung: San Jose, eine Friedensgemeinde as well as compiler of, San Jose de Apartado – A Peace Community, both: Zeitung für Frieden und Entwicklung, no. 6, 2000
  • Belovari, Wie wir zur ‘weißen Rasse’ kamen: eine Kurzgeschichte des biologischen Rassenbegriffs bis ins neunzehnte Jahrhundert, (How we got to the notion of a ‘white race:’ a short history of the biological notion of race until the 19th century), an invited essay, Sander Gilman, ed., ‘Der Schejne Jid,’ (Vienna, Austria: Picus Verlag 1998)
  • Belovari, Andy Foland, and Rick Burkhart, Peace Conference Book (Urbana: 1991)Co-editor, Women in Science Newsletter, Women’s Studies Program (Urbana: University of Illinois 1989-1990)
  • Belovari, In Our Experience, Women in Science Newsletter, spring 1990 — first interview project of women scientists at the University of Illinois
  • Belovari and N. DiBello, Women in Engineering: Part I, Women in Science Newsletter, 1990.
  • Belovari, Literature Review on Background Characteristics, Decision Making, and Recruitment Process of US Judges (Bogotá, Colombia: Instituto SER, internal publication 1986)


  • Conference paper, Donor Conversations re Hybrid Collections, i.e. physical and electronic materials, Practical Approaches to Born-Digital Records: What Works Today (Part 1 of 2), Society of American Archivists 75th Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL August 2011
  • Conference paper, Collecting, Describing and Exhibiting: provenance, context, and original title at the Field Museum of Natural History, SAA Research Forum: “Foundations and Innovations” Society of American Archivists 75th Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, August 2011
  • Conference paper, It ain’t quite so! The museum archival paradigm under close inspection (working title), Memory, Identity and the Archival Paradigm: an interdisciplinary approach, The Centre for Archive and Information Studies, University of Dundee, Scotland, December 2010
  • Panel presentation, Taking it to the Streets: Moving Beyond the Archives Leadership Institute, SAA Business Section Panel Group Presentation, Joint Annual Meeting of the Council of State Archivists, National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators, and SAA, Washington D.C., August 2010
  • Conference Paper, Digital Preservation – the PLANETS Way: can it work for smaller archives? Conference: Practical Approaches to Electronic Records: The Academy and Beyond, The Centre for Archive and Information Studies, University of Dundee, Scotland, May 2010
  • Conference Paper, University and Research Archives Across Nations: Austria, Latvia,
    Lebanon and Brazil
    . Panel Title: Beyond Borders: Considerations on Post-Colonial and International Archives, NEA Spring Conference, March 2010
  • Conference Paper, Edible/Inedible History, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland, December 2009
  • Conference Paper, Thinking and Acting Globally: ICA-SUV, SAA 2009 Austin, Section for College and University Archivists, SAA 73rd Annual Meeting, Austin, August 2009
  • Conference Paper, ‘1816-1938 (- 2008): The Vienna Jewish Community Archives’, SAA 2008 Research Forum: Foundations and Innovations, SAA 72nd Annual Meeting, San Francisco, August 2008
  • Sponsored trip to Brazil representing ICA-SUV president and ICA-SUV as well as Conference Paper: Five International Issues for Archives of Science: ICA-SUV – A Forum to Discuss and Work on International Archival Issues, Third Meeting of Scientific Brazilian Archives, Casa Rui Barbosa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 24-28, 2007
  • Conference Poster, Do we differ? — University and Science Archives Across Nations, SAA 2007 Research Forum: Building Bridges Between Research and Practice – Poster Session, as well as SAA Poster Presentations, SAA 71st Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, August 26-31, 2007
  • Conference Panel Organizer and Chair, Do we know how we differ? University/research archives across the nations; also presenting the paper for the absent archivist from Lebanon, ICA-SUV Annual Conference: Archives Records and the User, Dundee, Scotland, August 13-17, 2007
  • Conference Paper, Continuity and Change: Record Creators and Record Values, ICA-SUV, Annual Seminar of the Section on University and Research Institution Archive: Shared Concerns and Responsibility for University Records and Archives, Reykjavik, Iceland, September 13-20, 2006
  • Conference Paper, Adapting Archival Practices to the Human Rights Mission of Records: Challenges in Re-Constructing the Historical Archives of the Jewish Community of Vienna (IKG), Austria, Archival History Roundtable, Joint Annual Meeting of NAGARA, COSA, and SAA (Society of American Archivist), Washington DC. July 30-August 6, 2006
  • Conference Paper, Rediscovered Historical Records of the Jewish Community of Vienna (IKG), Austria, British Association of Jewish Studies Annual Conference, University of Cambridge, Wolfson College, Cambridge UK, July 11-13, 2006
  • Lecture, Working as Archivist and Historian for the Holocaust Victims’ Information and Support Center for the Jewish Community of Vienna, Austria (IKG), SCOSA and SIR, Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Boston, MA, April 25, 20062003
  • 10th Anniversary Tribute to Holocaust Survivors: Reunion of a Special Family, USHMM, Washington DC. 2003
  • Presentation, Structuring Language – Structuring Knowledge: on constructing a bilingual thesaurus for archival material from the National Socialist Period and stored at the I.K.G, Vienna, Austria, Graduate Seminar: Indexing and Abstracting, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2002

Archives Related Awards and Recognitions

  • Participant at Archives Leadership Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Library and Information Studies, Madison, Wisconsin, funded by NHCRP and sponsored by NEA, July 2009
  • The Internet Scout Report featured The Life and Work of Edward R. Murrow: an archives exhibit as one of seven general area websites for its Feb. 6th 2009 issue, vol.15, no. 5, http://scout.wisc.edu/Reports/ScoutReport/2009/scout-090206-geninterest.php#1
  • New England Archivists’ Richard W. Hale, Jr. Professional Development Award 2007: supported a research trip to the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People, Jerusalem, Israel, November, 2007, for a research article solicited by Libraries & the Cultural Record
  • The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, International Archival Acquisition uses the successful collaboration about the community archives of the Jewish Community of Vienna as their online showcase: New Jewish Sources Found: Preserving and Rebuilding the Archive of the Jewish Community Vienna. http://www.ushmm.org/research/center/acquisitions/details/vienna/#content

Professional Affiliations

  • Member, ICA-SUV Section Board, (ICA, The International Council on Archives, is the global organization of archivists and SUV is its section on University and Research Institution Archives), fall 2006-2014
  • Editor,ICA-SUV Newsletter, 2012-2016
  • Editor,Online Biography of International Archivists, 2012-2016
  • Acting Editor/Designer, launch of new ICA-SUV newsletter, 2009-2012
  • Acting Editorial Board, ICA-SUV Online Biography Project, 2009-2013
  • ICA-SUV Student Records Working Group, 2009-
  • ICA-SUV Planning Committee and Academic Committee, Annual Conference 2009, Brazil
  • ICA-SUV Committee on the Preservation and Access of Scientific Data, March 2007 – 2010
  • ICA-SUV Web-Advisory Committee, March 2007 – ongoing
  • Member of ICA-SUV, 2005 – ongoing
  • Member of ICA-SIO, 2005 – ongoing
  • Member of Society of American Archivists
  • Member of New England Archivists
  • Member of Tufts University Ecoambassador Group, 2009-2010
  • Member of Library Service Steering Committee, Tufts University, spring 2006-spring 2008
  • Member of Discovery Platform Team, Tufts University 2009-2010, secretary FY 2011
  • Member of Cataloging Working Group of the International Shoah Archivists Working Forum, March 2004 – ongoing