Dark Archive
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Confidential stamp
The Digital Collections and Archives and Academic Technology are pleased to announce the launch of the Tufts Dark Archive. It is so cool that we can’t show you. The Dark Archive is a secret place for storing archival material with restricted user access. We have been accepting and storing confidential University records that come to us in digital form for a number of years now. However, the dark archive allows us to better manage and preserve these records. With the dark archive, we can now create an audit trail for these records and provide a user interface for internal access. These things are possible through our FEDORA back end.

Got a research project? We’ve got sources!
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Now that the semester is underway for all of Tufts’ schools we reach that time of the year when students may be looking for ideas for research papers and faculty may be seeking opportunities to have their students engage in primary source research. We’re here to help!

In recent years, students have engaged in original research using DCA collections, including projects examining the history of environmental activism on the Tufts campus, an analysis of the Construction Site Crisis (read more in the Concise Encyclopedia), LGBT history, and women’s education.

[Somerville Police respond to protests at the construction site of Lewis Hall]

But how do you get started? Contact us now to set up a research appointment with one of our archivists. We will be happy to meet with you and discuss your research ideas, help brainstorm sources, and get you on your way to a great original paper. For faculty, we will be happy to host your class (space permitting) for a visit to the archives or come to your classroom to show the opportunities available.