Congratulations to the recipients of the Provost’s Open Access Fund (and happy open access week!)
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To mark Open Access Week the Tufts University Libraries’ Scholarly Communication Team has launched a website celebrating the recipients of our Provost’s Open Access Fund. The fund has two components: the first, for publishing, funds scholars who choose to publish with author-pays open access; the second, for digitization, supports the creation of sustainable open access digital collections of unique research materials created by Tufts faculty.

All of the publications which have been funded for open access publication have also been made available in the Tufts Digital Library. The digitized research materials will also be made available in the TDL once they are created, digitized, and described.

So congratulations to the recipients of the fund!

Publishing Fund

Digitization fund

Ada Lovelace Day: women in science and technology
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Do you recognize the engineering professor in this photo? If so, please comment to let us know who she is!
Yesterday was Ada Lovelace Day, an international day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science. To celebrate, I looked through the Tufts Digital Library for our resources on women in technology and science. I was pleasantly surprised to find that a substantial portion of the student computer science and engineering scholarship currently available through the digital library is by women. Check out New Methods for Ontology Alignment, Kelly Moran’s undergraduate honors thesis for the Department of Computer Science, or Wireless Power Transmission for Biomedical Applications, Cynthia Wisineff’s undergraduate honors thesis in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Some Tufts women who were honored during Ada Lovelace Day:

  • Bonnie Myers of Scientific Computing
  • Karen Panetta, professor of electrical and computer engineering at the School of Arts, Sciences, & Engineering
  • Judy Stafford, computer science professor at the School of Arts, Sciences, & Engineering

We’ve got plenty more fascinating images in the Digital Library. I’m particularly fond of Professor Leighton with the first two engineering students in Jackson after World War II and McIlroy Fluid Network Analyzer analog computer, 1958.