Winter 2016


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A Friend to the Finish

Bryan Lyons, D95, takes his place on Team Hoyt and in Boston Marathon history

Pain Relievers

When patients hurt, this team of specialists ends the anguish

The Ties that Bind

When newborns struggle to breast-feed, a simple surgery may be the answer

Safety Gap

Shortcoming in protective eyewear spurs look at new standards

Mighty Molar

Guess whose tiny patients are greeted by a 10-foot-tall tooth?

Sugar Dance

Pop song inspires student video for the oral-health conscious

That Human Touch

Creating a culture of respect emerges as a national priority in dental education

Helping Earthquake Survivors

Professor returns home to Nepal in time to lend a hand

The Decisions That Let Us Sleep At Night

The importance of earning, and keeping, our patients’ trust 

Got Connections?

Dental Central website promotes community engagement

Less Stress

Emphasis on mind-body wellness aims to ease the path for busy students

Recent Arrivals

Dental development and alumni relations team has two new leaders

Reunion 2015

Alumni return to Boston for annual get-together


Graduating class leaves Tufts with the charge of forging the future of dentistry

Centenarian Celebration

Salvatore DeCarlo, D41, marks his 100th birthday at a favorite place with some special friends

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Jun 28, 2016New Hope for Shelter Dogs

How Tufts-based behavioral research could help many pooches find their forever homesAll it takes is ...

Jun 27, 2016First Person: Overcoming the 80s

Growing up with stone-washed jeans and the New Kids on the Block, I didn’t know what was around th...

Jun 26, 2016Do English bulldogs and other short-snouted dogs need special care in the summer heat?

Elizabeth Rozanski, an emergency and critical care veterinarian at the Foster Hospital for Small Ani...

Grow Your Own

Dental stem cells hold promise for replacing damaged teeth and even jawbone

Model Approach to Cleft Surgery

3-D technology helps surgeons sharpen their treatment plans

Hand and Glove

Silk proteins and an inkjet printer create an instant germ detector

War and Remembrance

A poem by Michael F. Lepore, DG83

Alumni Board Elections

Two triple Jumbos are newest members

Little Smiles 

Oral health grants support underserved kids

Seeding Great Ideas

University grant programs encourage collaborative, innovative work

Devoted Teacher and Mentor

Faculty development fund honors oral surgeon Richard Sorbera