Fall 2012

A Room Of Their Own

Becker endowment funds new student lounge

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Dental students in the renovated Dr. Edward Becker Student Living Room. Photo: Kelvin Ma

For four years, the building at One Kneeland Street is a home-away-from-home for Tufts dental students.

The recently renovated Dr. Edward Becker Student Living Room, on the seventh floor, provides students with cozier and more functional space to inhabit during breaks from classes and lunch. The room, which features an expanded kitchen area, more extensive cafeteria-like seating and a separate area for relaxing, conversation and watching TV, reopened at the start of the fall semester.

It’s expected that the space also will be used for receptions. A substantial portion of the funding for the project came from the Dr. Edward Becker, D34, Center Endowment.

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