Fall 2012

Distinctive Team

Dental school's dispensary team goes the extra mile

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Eric Johnson, vice president for University Advancement, praises the assembled dispensary team for its outstanding effort during a ceremony in Distler Auditorium on the Medford/Somerville campus. Joining the team was President Anthony P. Monaco. Photo: Kelvin Ma

Dental students and faculty know full well that the crew that staffs the dispensary is vital to keeping the clinics running smoothly.

Staff members issue instruments, organize inventory and maintain the security of the equipment. But more than that, everyone knows the dispensary workers do their jobs with courtesy, care and a smile.

And so the team was honored with the “Extra Mile Award” for exceptional customer service at Tufts University’s 2012 Distinction Awards ceremony. Sponsored by the President’s Office and Human Resources, the Distinction Awards celebrate outstanding staff and faculty accomplishments outside of teaching and research.

The award was presented at a ceremony on the Medford/Somerville campus on June 12 by Eric Johnson, vice president for University Advancement. The winners included Sandra Armand, Nadine Benjamin, Mariana Boci, Gary Bolles, Bashkim Braho, Marjana Braho, Paula Callahan, Annette Clooney, Renald Joseph, Nikolete Kasuli, Branden Kohlman, Mary Kyle, Kerline Jean Louis, Aeron L. Luy, Berthine Paul, Lediana Rami, Keri Rogers, Denny Tran, Nga Tran and Stephen Witkus.

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