Fall 2013

Honos Civicus Induction

Society recognizes first health sciences students for active citizenship

The Tufts Honos Civicus Society, which recognizes graduating seniors who embody an active citizenship education, inducted its first members from the School of Dental Medicine and the School of Medicine this year. Founded by the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts, the society began inducting undergraduates in the schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering in 2009. For the dental and medical students, criteria were tailored to focus on those who go above and beyond the already required levels of community engagement for those schools.

“Using your newly acquired professional knowledge, your clinical skills, and of course, your compassion, each of you has contributed significantly to addressing health disparities and had a significant impact on society,” Tufts President Anthony P. Monaco said in welcoming the health sciences students to the society on May 1.

“All of you have made differences in the lives of individuals and improved opportunities for medical and dental care. Your service has been a profound opportunity for education as well. You have learned about the connections between race, socioeconomic class and health-care disparities. You have gained knowledge and wisdom from your faculty, your patients, community members and each other.”

Honos Civicus inductees from the dental school’s class of 2013 are:
C. Marissa Alikpala, Lindsey Brangwynne, Diego Camacho, Danielle Currier, Patricia Domings, Helen Fassil, Sarah Greenlaw, Emily Joseph, Gregory Josephsen, Jennifer Kusner, Gregory Lane, Rachel McKee, Rachel Misuraca, Lauren Murphy, Michael Neglia, Laura Rein, Erica Stutius, Elissa Teasdale, Denise Tong, Vincent Trinidad, Daniela Urciuoli, Carlin Weaver and Julie Williams.

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