Fall 2013

Dental 911

These emergencies aren’t real—but the lessons they impart are

They breathe; their hearts beat, and they have a pulse. they can flail their >>

Treating Incisors, Molars and Canines

Maj. John Giordano, D96, helped care for four-legged patients

During his four-month deployment to Afghanistan this year, Army National Guard Maj. John Giordano, >>

Report Card on Sealants

Most states are not doing enough to ensure that low-income children have access to >>

Odd Couples

Herbal supplements can interfere with dental meds

Oil and water. Superman and kryptonite. Some things just don’t mix. Even dentistry has >>

On-Air Dental Care

Faculty member offers advice to callers on local access TV

Television viewers had the chance to ask an expert about the ins and outs >>

The D List


The average amount baby boomers and senior citizens spent on dental care in 2010, >>

Top Stories

Building a Health-Care Home

One patient, many providers— and a fresh approach to bringing it all together

Fine Eye for Fungi

Joseph Marcantonio’s lifelong love affair with the mushroom

Shoji’s Heart

When he learned he needed a transplant, his world changed. But his determination to stay in school did not

‘Meth Mouth’ Menace

Public health campaign enlists dental professionals in anti-drug effort

Editor's Picks

7 Decades of Smiles

Nancy Farris, 76, has been coming to Tufts for dental care since she was a young girl

Dental 911

These emergencies aren’t real—but the lessons they impart are

Nipping Wisdom Teeth in the Bud

Childhood anesthesia may thwart the development of third molars

Satisfied Customers

Recent graduates say they’d happily choose Tufts again

2020 Vision

Strategic planning initiative charts a course for the dental school