Fall 2014

The Spark That Keeps Us Going

A message from the new president of the Alumni Association

Photo: Kelvin Ma

Photo: Kelvin Ma

I was truly honored to be inducted as president of the Tufts Dental Alumni Association at my 20th reunion this past April. It gave me the chance to reflect as I mingled with my classmates and fellow alumni on what creates that spark that keeps us active and engaged five, 10, 20 or even 60 years after graduation. Is it our friends and classmates? Is it a special teacher who took a particular interest in helping us to succeed in our coursework or the clinic? Is it a staff member or administrator who was there when we were struggling and didn’t know where to turn? Is it an alumni mentor who helped us find a first job or encouraged us to specialize?

There are so many reasons to stay engaged with Tufts School of Dental Medicine. The past few years have shown what a bright beacon Tufts continues to be among dental schools, attracting top students and faculty. There are exciting times ahead, under the guidance of Dean Huw Thomas, and with a strong strategic plan and innovative curriculum changes that will keep Tufts positioned at the forefront of dental education.

Our alumni speak the name Tufts Dental with such pride, and our alumni association works extremely hard to promote scholarship, programming, networking, socialization and affiliation. Did you know that as a member of the Tufts Dental Alumni Association you can receive a $75 tuition credit toward the cost of a Tufts dental continuing education course? Or that you can swing a golf club or tennis racquet with us at the Wide Open Golf and Tennis Tournament held every September to benefit the Tufts Dental Student Loan Fund? Or that you can raise a glass with us to toast Tufts at numerous receptions held in Boston and throughout the country each year? I invite you to catch a game with us at Red Sox spring training, enjoy a reception at Yankee Dental Congress, the American Dental Association or the Greater New York Dental Meeting or spend homecoming and reunion weekend in Boston. Whatever the occasion, take the opportunity to engage, reflect and enjoy what it means to be part of the Tufts Dental family.

Our strength is in our numbers, and we are here to represent you, our alumni. Our budget is fully supported by your dues, and we encourage you to take an active role by becoming dues-paying members. Whatever the spark or reason that you have chosen to remain engaged with Tufts School of Dental Medicine, we want you to help us to continue our tradition of excellence, service and community.

Cherie Cahillane Bishop, D94
President, Tufts University Dental Alumni Association

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