Fall 2017


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Why We Love TUSDM

All the reasons we love this school.

Dental Trailblazers

Reasons 42-57 why we love this school.

Our Global Impact

Reasons 72-95 why we love this school.

One Kneeland Street

Reasons 110-120 why we love this school.

Our Inventions

Reasons 135-139 why we love this school.

The Danger of Fluoride Doubt

A flood of misinformation is undermining a successful public health effort.

What I Learned My First Year in Practice

Communication and confidence are key. And keep laughing.

How to Win over Fluoride Skeptics

Every $1 invested in water fluoridation saves $38 in future dental treatment costs.

Filling a Need in Maine

In a state without enough dentists, postgraduate residencies boost access to care.

Three Questions for Robert Johnson III, D18

When your patient is being treated for opioid addiction.

Gratitude for Where it All Began

A loyal alumnus supports a ground-floor facelift.

Coming Attraction

A dentist’s detective novel makes its way to the big screen with stars Andy Garcia, Sofia Vergara and Karl Urban.

A Dream Within Grasp

Diversity initiative lets students try on dental school for a weekend.

Required Reading: Teeth by Mary Otto

On the ‘silent epidemic’ of dental disease.

Crowning Achievement

A professor on the runway.

A Time to Celebrate

150 anniversary kicks off with Homecoming and Reunion.

Sailing into the Future

D17s set off to make their mark on the profession.

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Facing a Mystery

A novel use of 3-D imaging might help explain Bell’s palsy, a puzzling facial paralysis.

A Cancer Clue?

Studies show positive associations between periodontal disease and risk of some tumors.

New Director

Triple Jumbo Hubert Park joins alumni board.

Join Us in this Big Year

A message from the president of the Tufts Dental Alumni Association.