Fall 2017

150 Reasons Why We Love this School

In 1931, William Rice, the dean of the Tufts Dental School, delivered a stirring radio >>

Our Tufts Dental Trailblazers

Reasons 42-57 why we love this school.


ALBION MANLY DUDLEY and E.G. BARTON, both D1869, were the school’s first students to >>

Our Local and Global Impact

Reasons 72-95 why we love this school.

From down the street to overseas, Tufts dental students, faculty and alums are making >>

One Kneeland Street

Reasons 110-120 why we love this school.

At the dental school’s tower, every floor has its stories. Here are eleven of >>

The Inventions of Our Alumni and Faculty

Reasons 135-139 why we love this school.

135. The Wilkins-Tufts Explorer

This tool (also known as the TU17/23) is issued to every >>

150 Years and Counting

A Timeline


ISAAC WETHERBEE, a former Baptist minister from Vermont, opens BOSTON DENTAL COLLEGE, one of >>

Top Stories

The Danger of Fluoride Doubt

A flood of misinformation is undermining a successful public health effort.

Coming Attraction

A dentist’s detective novel makes its way to the big screen with stars Andy Garcia, Sofia Vergara and Karl Urban.

Facing a Mystery

A novel use of 3-D imaging might help explain Bell’s palsy, a puzzling facial paralysis.

Gratitude for Where it All Began

A loyal alumnus supports a ground-floor facelift.

Editor's Picks

All the Presidents’ Teeth

Who didn’t floss? Who was a bruxer? And who could have used some whitening strips? Our faculty give some historical smiles a thorough checkup.

Filling a Need in Maine

In a state without enough dentists, postgraduate residencies boost access to care.

21st Century DMD

Educating the next generation of dentists

7 Decades of Smiles

Nancy Farris, 76, has been coming to Tufts for dental care since she was a young girl