Fall 2017

How to Win over Fluoride Skeptics

Every $1 invested in water fluoridation saves $38 in future dental treatment costs.

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LAY THE GROUNDWORK: Discuss the importance of fluoride with your patients, and point out how they likely benefited from growing up with fluoridated water.

BUILD TRUST: “The question I would get the most is, ‘Who is paying you to be here?’” Alec Eidelman said. Let your fellow community members know you are motivated by professional and civic responsibility.

BE ENTHUSIASTIC: Most anti-fluoride advocates are passionate about their cause. Present the real facts with confidence.

TEAM UP: Line up the support of respected local physicians, including pediatricians, and public health officials.

SPREAD YOUR MESSAGE: To help counteract misinformation online, BOHMAC is developing a “Fluoride Facts” website, with input from several Tufts dental students.

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