The D List


Percentage of U.S. dental offices that closed an average of two days after Hurricane Sandy, according to Baird Equity research.

$153 million

Size of the market for dental services in Boston, according to DentalTrends—the largest of 15 major U.S. cities examined by the online dental research service.


Aspiring bakers who entered the Valentine’s Day bakeoff sponsored by the Tufts chapter of the American Dental Education Association. First place went to Avanthi Tiruvadi, D16, for a toffee cake; second place to Julia Caine, of research administration, for her mousse cake.

Photo: Kelvin Ma

Photo: Kelvin Ma


Publication year of the children’s book Doctor De Soto, by William Steig, about a clever mouse dentist who outwits a sneaky fox patient.


Respondents to a DenTek Oral Care survey who said they will floss anywhere. The majority (75%) said they floss at home in the bathroom.

6 Proof

Alcohol content of bourbon- and scotch-flavored toothpastes that went on sale in 1954, and were written about in Life magazine.


Virtual bulletin boards titled “Dental” on the website Pinterest.

23-29 December

Week when Google searches for the term “Emergency Dentist” hit their highest point during 2012, almost double that during the rest of the year.


How dentists fared in a 2012 Gallup poll that asked the public to rate 22 professions based on their honesty and ethical standards.

2 minutes

How long the Tooth Tunes toothbrush plays music by the boy band One Direction to encourage young fans to brush longer.

Photo: Fantich and Young

Photo: Fantich and Young


Number of false teeth in “Apex Predator. Oxfords Shoes,” a 2010 sculpture by the London artists Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young.