Spring 2014

Holding Court

Boris Bacanurschi, D06, front and center on the tennis court

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Bacanurschi, front, with practice partner Steve Meade, A90, F98. Photo: John Soares

When he’s not running his private practice in Medford, Mass., or teaching prosthodontics and operative dentistry at Tufts, you’ll most likely find Boris Bacanurschi, D06, front, on the tennis court. He plays for Waltham Winsanity, a U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) league team that came in fourth in the USTA National Championships in Tucson, Ariz., last September. Bacanurschi won three of his four matches. When New England winters drive him indoors, Bacanurschi practices at the Mount Auburn Club in Watertown, Mass., often with Steve Meade, A90, F98, the son of his friend and mentor, John Meade, A54, D56. Bacanurschi recently took over Meade’s dental practice after working there for nine years.

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