Spring 2018

150th Anniversary Celebrations & Alumni Association Events

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Illustration: Sean McCabe


April 27

American Association of Endodontists
Alumni Reception, Denver

April 27-29

Homecoming & Reunion

April 30

Dean’s Anniversary Lecture Series
Addy Alt-Holland, assistant professor, “Biomarkers for Disease”



May 4-5

Give Kids a Smile Days

May 15

Dean’s Anniversary Lecture Series
Archana Viswanath, assistant professor, “Pain management”

May 16

Bates Day Reception

May 20

Medford/Somerville campus

May 26

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
Alumni Reception, Honolulu



June 3

Founder’s Day

June 7

Continuing Education Anniversary
Session and Reception Principality of Monaco

June 12

Dean’s Anniversary Lecture Series
Irina Dragan, assistant professor, “Future of Dental Education”

June 28-29

Basal Cell Carcinoma Nevus Syndrome conference



August 30

Dean’s Anniversary Lecture Series
Yau-Hua Yu, assistant professor, “Women’s Health and Periodontitis”



September 28

Continuing Education Anniversary Session
featuring keynote speaker Daniel Kraft

September 28

Anniversary Gala
Museum of Science, Boston

September 30

Tufts Community Day
Medford/Somerville campus



October 8-13

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Alumni Reception, Chicago

October 19

American Dental Association
Alumni Reception, Honolulu

October 27-30

American Academy of Periodontology
Alumni Reception, Vancouver, British Columbia



November 27

Greater New York Dental Meeting
Alumni Dinner, New York


All events hosted at One Kneeland Street unless otherwise noted. Visit dental150.tufts.edu or email dental150@tufts.edu

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