Summer 2016


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21st Century DMD

Educating the next generation of dentists

A Dentist Goes to Hollywood

Eric Weinstock, a ‘root canal guy,’ knows his way around a screenplay. Cue the burping pig. 

Big Brother, Little Brother

Their backgrounds couldn't be more different, but they are friends for life

The State We’re In

ADA paints a mixed picture of oral health care in America

Expanding Worldview

With new exchange programs in Japan and Turkey, Tufts now has ties with 30 dental schools

3 Questions for Mandy Alamwala, D16

The importance of organized dentistry

Catalyst for Change

When advocacy and dentistry converge along a career path

Tufts Dental Clinics by the Numbers

Patients logged more than 138,500 appointments in 2015

Life Lessons

Students provide care in rural Jamaica through the Tufts Global Outreach Program

In the Spotlight

Anthony Paolucci, D85, had a role in this year’s Oscar winner for Best Picture

The Joys of Mentorship

Food and friendship forge bonds between students and faculty that extend beyond talk of classrooms and clinics

The Transformers

They helped the field of pediatric dentistry grow up

A Dandy Time at Yankee

Annual convention draws 650 alumni and friends

A Collective Assault on Opioid Abuse

First-in-the-nation core competencies will give dental students strategies for fighting an epidemic

Dentist Named Admissions Director

Sabir-Holloway practiced for three decades in Indianapolis

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Jan 1, 1970


Jan 1, 1970


Jan 1, 1970


What Do Dentists Need?

National research initiative aims to get new technologies and treatments to patients more quickly

More Than Skin Deep

Insight into a rare disease could lead to treatments for the world’s most pervasive cancer

Life Sciences Pioneer

Biologist Michael Levin will lead one of two new Allen Discovery Centers in the nation

The Power of Silk

An age-old material offers tantalizing solutions to a range of contemporary problems

Civic Life Rising

Jonathan and Lizzie Tisch invest $15 million to help Tufts graduates shape a better future

Let’s Stay in Touch

A message from the president of the dental alumni association