Early Childhood Technology Webinar Series

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020, the Early Childhood Technology (ECT) Graduate Certificate hosted a series of webinars presented by DevTech Researchers and ECT alumni and instructors on early childhood education with a focus on technology. These webinars include useful for learning at home and at school. Find these recordings on our Webinar page.

DevTech Summer Professional Development

UPDATE: Programs cancelled in the midst of COVID-19

This year, there will be two summer professional development programs.

The first program dates are July 7 – 10, 2020 and will cover hands-on introduction and curriculum integration with KIBO and ScratchJr.

The second program dates are July 20 – 21, 2020 and will cover hands-on introduction and curriculum integration with ONLY ScratchJr.

Both programs runs from 9am-3pm each day with lunch provided. Our PD is open to educators and practitioners working with young children pre-K through second grade. You are welcome to attend either program based on your needs and interests.

Sign up here today. Spots fill up quickly!

The cost is $100 per day or $350 for all four days of the first program. 

Questions? Please email riva.dhamala@tufts.edu. We hope to see you this summer! 

Graduate Certificate Program in Early Childhood Technology

The Early Childhood Technology (ECT) certificate program is designed for educators and practitioners working with young children in pre-kindergarten through second grade in diverse educational settings such as schools, museums, libraries, and daycares. The program will develop students’ knowledge and skills in technology and engineering with a focus on early childhood.

Curriculum Resources

Computer programming is becoming an essential skill in the 21st century. Through developmentally appropriate platforms such as KIBO and ScratchJr, DevTech has created comprehensive coding curricular resources to enable teachers to help young children start learning about programming and develop computational thinking skills.

There is no prior coding experience necessary!

Our lesson plans and classroom activities are designed to support both you and your students! We’ve developed engaging educational content that uses KIBO, ScratchJr, and the Coding as Literacy (CAL) approach using both KIBO and ScratchJr. Additionally, funded by the The David Lear Sulman Computing, Science, and Engineering Fund for Jewish Day Schools, we’ve also developed a Jewish Curricula Series that integrates coding, robotics and computational thinking with Judaic Studies.

For Prof. Marina Bers’ CSHD 145: Technological Tools for Playful Learning class, undergraduate and graduate students from across disciplines at Tufts University created 3-hour literacy-based curricula for children to learn coding with ScratchJr, Scratch, and KIBO. View those here.

Grant Resources