Friday, 22 of June of 2018

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Welcome, here’s how this works.

Welcome to Discuss the Issue.

Start talking to real people about issues that matter to you in three steps:

1. Choose the posting category of the overarching issue you want to discuss

2. Write a new post, whose title is the topic to discuss (e.g. “Climate Change”, “The NHL Lockout”, “California Wines”) and include:
a. A 1-2 sentence overview of what you want to talk about and why.

b. A 1-2 sentence overview of your stance.

c. The viewpoint you are looking for (e.g. “Any and all views encouraged”, “Looking for people who agree and want           to brainstorm how to fix this”, “Looking for someone who staunchly disagrees”, etc.)

d. General methods you are available to discuss (Skype, Google Voice, Google Chat, AOL Instant Messenger, etc.)

e. Contact email.

3. Check your email and coordinate with someone a time and method to discuss.

4. Don’t just make posts, read posts and follow up with people too!


That’s it.

Now go talk it out. Be civil, or hey have yourself a good solid argument and let off some steam. It’s up to you.