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Casting Part 1

We’re moving forward! Casting is well underway, with six auditions last weekend and more to come this week. The casting process for “Dust” has been very interesting, as it’s the first time I’ve been on the other side of an audition. Here’s what went down:

The casting director (Andy), the concept/production team, and Howard met at the Ex-College around 1PM to discuss the script. We gave feedback and asked some questions regarding character development in the script. Having fully fleshed-out characters is extremely important because if viewers don’t understand the characters and their motives, the whole story can be confusing.

The crew:



Amir, Ben, Andy, and Sofia


Peter, Danielle, and Danielle


Sofia again, Adrienne, and Danny


I just like this picture

After discussions, we began set-up for auditions. In a small room with lots of people, we had to be creative. On one side of the room, we had the camera (important for auditions Рactors may come off different on camera than they do in person), monitor,  light, and the crew. On the other side, we had a semi-circle of chairs set up for the actors.


Here’s what the setup looked like from behind the camera


From in front of the camera. Those people were brave to walk into a room with 10 people, a bright light, and all that equipment.

The actual auditions went very well, if I do say so myself. So far, we’ve seen mostly Tufts students and before auditions end, we’ll have seen a handful of outside actors, as well. Before entering the room, actors were given “sides” for the character(s) they were auditioning for. Sides are excerpts from the script that the actor uses to audition, often highlighting an important or emotional scene for the given character.

Once they had a chance to look over the sides and familiarize themselves with their character, the actors would come into the room and begin reading the sides, with Andy, Howard, or a member of the crew reading actions and/or other characters’ lines. After one run-through, the crew would give actors background information and notes on how to better embody the character they were auditioning for. Actors read sides for the three males or the three females in the script so we got as many choices as possible for each character.




The production table, with sides, a laptop, and Ben’s scarf


Howard pointing

The auditions were recorded and put online so the crew can view them and begin thinking about casting. Once auditions are finished, we’ll get together and make our final decisions, so be on the lookout for Casting Part 2 where we’ll reveal the official cast of “Dust”!

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